Zane Helberg - Live From Rehab

Feb 27

Zane Helberg - Live From Rehab
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Live From Rehab is a hilarious and cathartic stand up show by comedian Zane Helberg. From having a one legged recovering alcoholic Dad, a crippling drug addiction, and a wife in the mental hospital, no dark corner of his life is off limits. Zane whisks you through his struggles and finds humor in the pains of life.

Many audience members agree they feel better about themselves and their own lives after watching Live From Rehab. It's fun for the whole family! (as long as the family is of age)

Some Reviews:

"Hey at least i'm not as sick as Zane is!" - many audience members

"I was thinking about doing drugs and then I saw this show" - Jake from Riverside

Tickets are $10 online and $15 at the door.