Stand Up Classes

After 20 years of teaching Stand-up Comedy in professional comedy clubs and on the college level, people still ask me, "How can you teach stand-up comedy? Doesn't humor just come naturally?"

If you've already tried stand-up, you know the difference between casually joking with your buddies and actually entertaining a paying audience that doesn't know and love you. You have to "earn" their laugher. What you witness on the stage as a spontaneous and fun performance by a stand-up comic is actually the result of writing and rehearsing.

And if you're new to stand-up, I'm often asked is, "Am I funny enough to perform stand-up comedy?"

Anyone who likes to make people laugh can learn do it on stage. Are you told, "You're funny, you should do stand-up comedy?" Then you have what it takes. Smart alecks are welcome! Stand-up comedy is the only job where if people laugh at you, you're doing it right. You can't say that about your day job!

If you've never done stand-up comedy, when you come to class for first time, there are no expectations. You'll first learn stage and microphone etiquette then, week by week, you will develop a comedy routine to perform.

If you've done open mic shows you already know how time-consuming it can be, plus your feedback only comes in small doses. Comedy class will streamline this process. In my comedy classroom you receive:

  • Valuable stage time to try out and revise your written material
  • Instant feedback from your fellow comics from an audience perspective
  • Notes from your coach with 17 years of comedy teaching experience (me!) who zeros in on what you need to do to reach your next level with a quality act that keeps them laughing

After only a few classes, when you go back to open mic, you'll be able to tell who is professional and who isn't.

Open mic can get you a bar act, professional classes can get you a club act.

Don't wait. Sign up today. Limited seating.

Classes run for 8 weeks. 7 classes and then conclude with a showcase at Stir Crazy Comedy Club.


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Dee Ann Kinkade

About The Instructor

Dee Ann Kinkade is the longest running comedy teacher in the Valley! She taught Stand-Up Comedy at Rascal's Comedy Club in Phoenix for 3 years and at the Comedy Spot Comedy Club in Scottsdale for 10 years. She also taught the Standup Comedy Workshop at Scottsdale Community College for 10 years as well as privately for over 12 years. She is an accomplished screenwriter, author, and award-winning producer for Maricopa Colleges Television and was a local TV producer for E! Entertainment.

Dee Ann, who has performed live stand-up at The Comedy Store in Hollywood, Rascals Comedy Club, and more, will take you step by step through developing and performing your own original material into a 3 – 5 minute routine.

YOU WILL NOT FIND A MORE EXPERIENCED, PATIENT TEACHER IN THE VALLEY! Learn the art of creating visual one-liners, doing impressions, using props… even how to deal with hecklers. This course may be repeated several times for continued development of your comedic talent. Enrollment is limited; early registration is strongly recommended.

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