Snap Battles

Oct 14

Snap Battles



Sales for this event are currently on hold

It has been said in comedy that every joke has a victim. SNAP BATTLES, a fan favorite of valley comedy for almost five years, puts that into practice. One part comedy roast and one part rap battle, this SNAP BATTLES tournament will pit eight of the funniest, rudest and most clever Phoenix comedians against each other. They will all spar with the most wickedly hilarious insults they can muster. Who will win the audience's approval, prize money and the title of SNAP BATTLES CHAMPION? Come find out..


Eden Nault vs. Jay Brown

Repo Lakey vs. Marc Christopher

Brady Ingledue vs. Jace Williams

Noah Flores vs. Nick Wood


Mid-round entertainment by Nonishaney Hada, Jamie Camire, Abrar Maniyar & Josh Graves