Life Coaching Comedians

March 15

Life Coaching Comedians



This event has passed. Check our calendar for up to date shows.

Lexis Sharde' and We Major Presents:

Life Coaching Comedians Live: "The Group Session" is an improv style comedy podcast brought to life on stage where comedy, self-care and mental health awareness come together.

Your host Lexis Sharde' plays the character of an overly confident, condescending Life Coach who takes comedians through a group therapy session, in efforts to change their lives for the better.

Featured on the show is:

Patrick Allen

Andreona Garlic

Bubba McComb

Lamar Mitchell J.R.

Dietrich Rashad

Lexis Sharde'

Steve Uriz

April Walterscheid

Dana Whissen

Season 2 is currently available on all streaming podcast platforms. A webisode version is available on YouTube. The website is currently up to date, where you can find information on featured comedians as well as Lexis Sharde's bio.