Latin Comedy Night w/ Ben Gonzalez & Luz Pazos

Dec 10

Latin Comedy Night w/ Ben Gonzalez & Luz Pazos



This event has passed. Check our calendar for up to date shows.


A licensed paramedic & father of 2, Ben Gonzalez has literally “seen it all”. Born in Los Angeles with 2 Parents who thought they were funny, Ben decided to be super shy & quiet his entire life. This led to a collective shock among everyone who knew him when he decided to try comedy. In a short time, he has built a reputation for sharp, quick jokes & observations, with a lot of punchlines.

He is the host of "Entre Nos" part 2, a stand up showcase series on HBO, & has also filmed for Fox & Netflix. He has hosted & produced one of the most popular shows in LA, "The Goonies Show" for nearly 4 years. As a stand up he features and headlines shows around the country. As a host, he can be seen on national TV, and streaming online. Either way, audiences are left laughing & talking about what they just saw.