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Sean McCarthy



Sean McCarthy started performing Stand Up Comedy at the age of 16 in 1986 at The Legendary Iron Horse Cafe in Northampton, Massachusetts. After moving to NYC at age 17, he failed miserably for years, whilst figuring out how to stand up. The whole time he struggled to get spots he constantly watched future stars of stand up comedy , like Chris Rock and Adam Sandler at The Comic Strip, Dangerfield's and the Improv in NYC. By the time Sean was 25 he was living in Phoenix performing Improv with  the Oxymoron's at The Star Theatre in Scottsdale. All while doing stand up all over the Southwest and appearing in Phoenix Suns, Phoenix Mercury, Peter Piper Pizza and other commercials.

By 1998 Sean moved to Hollywood were very quickly he landed the Kia Spokesman gig for 5 years, became a Laugh Factory regular performing along with Dave Chapelle, Norm McDonald, Dane Cook, Eddie Griffin, Joe Rogan, Freddie Soto, Mitch Mullany, and list goes on and on. He also appeared on in a Super Bowl Commercial in 2002, 3rd Quarter Patriots vs. Rams... appeared in Bud Light, Taco Bell, Carl's Jr/Hardee's commercials and many many more... also he done stand up on NBC, PAX, MTV, appeared in the "Zodiac" with Mark Ruffalo. After 12 successful, amazing, crazy years in Hollywood Sean left, moving back to Phoenix. The change of pace was a chance to create more freely.

Sean has had two successful weekly comedy shows. "Sean On Ice" previously, and currently, "Tickle Your Bone Weekly Comedy Festival". Both shows cater to Local Comics with a very independent underground feel, that are "Standing Room Only" attended shows. The shows have both been very popular with comedians and real fans of comedy. Finally, you can check out the Short film, written and produced buy Sean, about Stand Up Comedy "Open Mic" (Who's Killing?) , Sean's Stand Up Comedy Special, "Raging Sean" and or a bunch of commercials in the links below...Hope to see ya soon.



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Jann Karam April 8 - April 9