JR Cruz


Okay so this is the part where i talk about myself and make myself look cool As* Sh!#!

I'm an Actor, Writer, Improviser, Comedian, but most notably an accomplished Omnivore. I grow up in the Pacoima Projects! Yup that's right. Ask anyone that knows me and they'll tell you i'm super fu**kin' gangster.

I played football when i was in high school, and by that i mean i rode the bench all season (except for that one time i was put in the game for two plays when we were up by three touchdowns with 2 min left).

So instead of being a star athlete, i decided to just join the Drama Club. I can hear all the men in my family yell out, " what a Pu**Y!"

I've acted in a few movies, but still broke.

I work at a barber shop in Granda Hills, Icon Barber shop. That shout out gets me nothing.

I teach Improv comedy at Dustin Felder Acting Studio so come check me out.

But the coolest thing about me is that i perform stand up comedy! Yup, I'm cool a** Sh!#.

So, thanks for reading. Now go Fu#k yourself!