Dustin Nickerson

Dustin Nickerson



A Seattle native now suffering in Southern California, Dustin Nickerson is an in demand comic on the rise. In addition to being recently featured on Comedy Central and Netflix with Kevin Hart, he's been seen on Fox, the Grand Ole Opry's Circle Network, the PBS Comedy Hour,Hulu, can regularly be heard on Sirius Radio XM and has written for the Huffington Post.

Dustin describes himself as “the world's most average person” but is far from it when on stage.He brings you into his life through his jokes about the struggles of parenting, marriage, and being generally annoyed by most people.At just 35 years old, Dustin has been married for 15 years and has three kids! This helps makes Dustin truly one of the most unique voices in the comedy scene.



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Brandon Vestal Jun 18 - Jun 20